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Ever since I began keeping a journal when I was five years old, I've known I was a writer. The written word holds magic for me, and there's nothing else I can imagine devoting my life to. I'm obsessed, especially, with the form of the essay. What I'm interested in is the essay as a verb, as a way of sallying forth and doing, as assaying and analyzing, as a way of allowing an idea to be held and explored and known. What can the essay do and mean? That's what I aim to find out.

My work has appeared in many corners of the web. Creative pieces have appeared as follows:

  • "Hungry" in West Branch Wired (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
  • "End Days" in ARDOR (nominated for a Best of the Net award)
  • "The Saguaro Party" in Qualia

You can find my reviews here:

Other writing has appeared: